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Event Programme (* monthly society meetings)


Friday 19th January* - "Judging Orchids" with Bryan Adams & Colin Thorburn

Friday 16th February* -  'A World of Orchids' - Ian Charlwood

Friday 16th March* - 'Growing Orchids under Lights' -Professor Andy Jones

Sunday 8th April - Annual Show - (Full details here)

Friday 20th April* - Paphiopedilums - Robin McDonald

Friday 18th May* - Annual general meeting

16th - 18th June - Malvern International Orchid Show Royal Three counties Showground, Malvern

Friday 15th June* - NB Malvern Show - (local hosting members to speak)

Friday 20th July* - Orchids of Estonia - Simon Tarrant

Friday 17th August* - Orchids & Nepenthes in Sarawak - Colin Thornburn

Friday 21st September* - Orchids - Andrew Bannister

Friday 19th October* - Plant Auction

Friday 16th November* - Medellin - City of the Eternal Spring - Richard Baxter

Friday 21st December* - NO MEETING


Friday 18th January* - Social Evening

Friday 17th February* - Taiwan International Orchid Show 2018 - Colin Thornburn

Friday 15th March* - Ten Favourite Wild Orchid Norfolk Sites - Steve Clements(TBC)













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