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Spring Show 2019 details.....

Local Orchid Growers Show Exotic Blooms

For the second year in succession the Orchid Society of East Anglia will be holding its spring show at the Jubilee Hall on Back Lane in Hethersett. This year the show takes place on Sunday 14th April and marks the Society’s Golden Jubilee.

As the show secretary says, “This is a wonderful opportunity to thank our visitors for their support over the years. It is therefore especially important at this stage to let people know where we will be, as for many years, the shows have taken place in the Eaton Parish Hall on the Norwich Outer Ring Road. Since that is much closer to the city centre not everyone has so far found us at the Hethersett venue.”

In addition to the fabulous flowers on show there will be sales of orchid plants, some with more unusual flowers than those normally seen in supermarkets. The society has excellent relationships with the national growers, who have always been generous in their support for the society’s activities and are happy to chat about the best growing conditions for the plants on sale.

In addition, very experienced society members will be on hand to offer cultural advice based on their decades of growing, repotting, disease prevention and general care of orchids.

The society meets regularly on the 3rd Friday of each month in Hellesdon Parish Hall, Low Road, Hellesdon, NR6 5AT. Happily, in contrast to other local orchid societies across the country, its numbers are increasing as younger members are taking part and enjoying the varied programme of talks and activities.

For more details of the Hethersett show or to learn more about the Orchid Society please go to www.osea.org.uk or text 07941930285


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